Bridging serves over 4,000 households in need every year. Below are just a few of the quotes and messages of thanks from those we've helped over the years. We encourage you to view our YouTube channel to see even more success stories.





"I appreciate all that your organization gave to help me feel good, comfortable, and happy in my home. Before I sat on the ground. Now, from you, I have my 'ol favorite chair!' Before, my books layed on a box as a shelf. Now, because of you, I display those few things I cherish. Before, I had a house. Now, because of you, I have a home. Thank you!"


"Going to Bridging was amazing...It makes you feel like you’re going from poor to rich…I kept saying, 'I can’t believe I have this!' It was really nice...a relief. I would have never been able to get the items I received…I would have to do without or get something super cheap. I am amazed and feel so furtunate."


"Thank you all so very much for your kindness and generosity.  You’ve helped me in such a huge way to rebuild my life in recovery." 


"I just had to write today. After 15 years in Kindergarten I moved to teaching 3rd grade this year. Every morning...each child has a chance to share (if they want)  what happened the night before, or as in today, what a happened during the weekend. One of my students shared today that it was a 'great' weekend because Bridging came and delivered furniture to her house. It led to her telling the class all about it. She was so excited and said that, 'Now we have way more furniture than we ever had.' It was so fun to hear and see her excitement! What a cool thing, and I was so happy to have known about what wonderful things Bridging does. I just had to share. Thank you!!"


"Thank you. You have given me back my dignity."


"I lived in a shelter for two months and then moved in an apartment with only the clothes on my back. My son was so excited to have his own desk, and I no longer have to sit on the floor when I come home from work. Bridging is truly the light at the end of the tunnel."


"It has been a year since I received household supplies and furnishings following my divorce. After months of sleeping on the couch, it has been great to have a bed. All the girls go to my room to lounge and read. We have a couch that doesn’t sag, enough towels and sheets, a coffee maker and a blender. I’ve had coffee for 350 days. We have made smoothies. I used the light you gave us to finish my first year of nursing school. Thank you! My son and 6 daughters thank you also. Your volunteers were generous and nice. Thanks for helping me make a fresh start."


"I remember my kids coming home, the look on their faces to see that we had furniture made me cry. They were so happy! My kids kept saying dad we have a couch now - they were so grateful and so was I! I will never forget the first night that we were all able to sleep in a bed instead of the floor. Getting up in the morning to go to work is a much different experience now that I have a bed to sleep in and for me and my kids to sit on the couch together - and eat at the dining room table together - is priceless."